AMLT Oracle, DeFi's first smart contract-based solution for AML compliance.

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  • The AMLT Network and Coinfirm AML Platform is the first of its kind system where users can report nefarious cryptocurrency addresses related to ransomware, hacks, scams, and other fraud, plus also receive protection from further actions by bad actors.

  • Once data provided is verified by Coinfirm and implemented into the AML Platform, the ecosystem can block suspicious users and funds.

  1. 1

    Use the "Report Address" section to share your information with Coinfirm and AMLT network.

  2. 2

    Use the bar to enter or paste a Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Neo, Litecoin or XRP addresses.

  3. 3

    Select address type: high risk if you want to report suspicious or illegal behaviour, recommended if you want to inform the network about your business partners or other trusted addresses or neutral. You will be able to add your own address after you sign up

  4. 4

    For high risk and neutral addresses: select flag/s that address best. In later steps you will have the possibility of providing detailed description.

    Once you provide the address and select flags, click "provide proof"

  5. 5

    You will be redirected to a website where you will be able to upload a screenshot or document

    Supported addresses:


You can participate in our network and share information about any address from the supported cryptocurrencies.

High risk

Addresses related to suspicious or illegal activity such as address from a blackmail message, payment address related to ransomware, hacked address whose funds were stolen etc.


Addresses that are known, used and trusted. For example addresses of known entities, companies or individuals offering services related to cryptocurrencies, trusted business partners etc


Addresses that have been probably tied to an entity with unknown risk either because they were not used or because the risk cannot be easily assessed.

  • Network Members are rewarded in AMLT for supplying legitimate data on nefarious actors, or data on themselves and other parties they trust.

  • Use your AMLT to buy AML Risk Reports and other services you need + other benefits.

Address type:
(pick one)

Provide flags:

What is it?


Become a trusted party of the blockchain economy, protect your ecosystem, and get rewarded for doing it.

Our AMLT Network Members build the backbone of a safe and transparent cryptocurrency economy. See a few use cases of how we can help protect each other.

For providing valid data on blockchain addresses into the AMLT Network including their own addresses, Network Members are paid in AMLT each month.


  • Protect Your Business and Clients
  • Lower Risk and Increase Efficiency
  • Get Resources and Knowledge
  • Privileged access to best data
  • Get Rewarded in AMLT
  • Reduce Your Compliance Costs

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How to report an address?

How to become a network member?

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Token of compliance in your wallet

The fuel for the AMLT Network and the industry leading Coinfirm AML Platform - AMLT tokens are not only the reward for Network Members but a preferred choice of payment for Coinfirm products and solutions used by major crypto entities, banks, financial institutions and major cryptos like Dash itself. Check out where to buy AMLT tokens and where to store them.

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Pawel Kuskowski

Co-Founder and CEO

Pawel Aleksander

Co-Founder and CIO

Jakub Fijolek

Co-Founder and CTO

Grant Blaisdell

Co-Founder and CMO

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